Cotteridge Community Festival of Music, Art & Dance

CoCoMAD 2018

It’s arrived – the CoCoMAD 2018 festival programme.

A special “thank you” to all the festival sponsors without whom the festival wouldn’t happen.

CoCoMAD 2018 - Saturday 7th July

CoCoMAD 2018 on 7th July will be the 22nd CoCoMAD!

Into the 3rd decade of the best music, entertainment, food & drink.

The local, quirky & weird – the best that our community can produce.

Created entirely by volunteers and funded by your donations and local sponsors.

 Can you volunteer to help?  Get in touch by email at

CoCoMAD 2018

Watch this space as the highlights of CoCoMAD 2018 emerge

CoCoMAD 2018

 CoCoMAD – Keep it Great for 20 more years

To make sure that CoCoMAD is the best it can be we need to know what you enjoyed.

Please click on this link and take a couple of minutes to fill in the CoCoMD questionnaire