CoCoMAD 2018 - the photos have arrived


Click on this link to see the wonderful CoCoMAD 2018 photos courtesy of the Brum Reaper, Thorsten Schnier.

To help CoCoMAD get even better please take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire by clicking on this link.

And if you decided to watch the football on Saturday instead of coming to CoCoMAD why not make a donation anyway to help make sure that enough money is raised for CoCoMAD 2019.

Cotteridge Park Arboretum

Huge thanks to the volunteers from HSBC and Friends of Cotteridge Park who worked so hard to get the new trees planted.  Thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and National Lottery players we can look forward to the Arboretum looking its best for the next 100 years..  Here are the trees that we can look forward to.

Start Running in 2018?

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to start running?

One of the best ways to get started is to join the Cotteridge Park Couch to 5k group.

The next course starts on 8th May.  You can join at any session up ’til week 3. Watch this space for the start date once it’s confirmed.

The friendly, supportive group can get almost anyone from sitting on the sofa to running 5k in 9 weeks.

If you are already a runner there is a Social Running group on Tuesdays at 6.30pm and the 5-10k course starts on 10th May at 6.30pm.

No More Park Keepers - can you help?

After more than 100 years Cotteridge Park has lost it’s on-site Park Keeper.

In 1997 the first attempt to remove the last member of staff on site was halted by the new Friends of Cotteridge Park.

20 years later austerity has won and the Council no longer has the money and the Park Keeper has gone.

More volunteers are needed to fill the gap.  Get in touch if you want to take on some gardening or conservation tasks.  Send an email to

Support Cotteridge Park - Make a Donation

The Friends of Cotteridge Park needs your help to continue running free community activities.

Can you donate some money every month to keep these activities running for free now that grant funding is less available?

Click here to donate securely via Just Giving – you can even add Gift Aid to make your donation go further.

Whether it’s £2 a month or £20 it will make sure that all activities can stay free at the point of delivery.

Your money will not be used to do the tasks that are the responsibility of Birmingham City Council – you already pay Council Tax for those.

SwingFit - Dance yourself Happy on Wednesdays

From April 18th we are going back outdoors.  See you on the old bowling green.

Free swing dance fun on Wednesdays at 6pm.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t know your left from your right or your shimmy from your shorty George…just join in.

Meet on the grass next to the courts.  Free because it is part of ParkLives and Active Parks

Tai Chi & Walking Group Thursdays


Xmas Break – Walking Group is back on 4th Jan and Tai Chi on the 11th.

Thursday is the day for gentle exercise in Cotteridge Park.  You don’t have to get hot and sweaty to get fitter.  Improve your breathing, balance and state of mind by joining the Walking or Tai Chi groups.

The Walking Group meets at the car park entrance at 10am.  Friendly people to walk & chat with.

Tai Chi starts at 10.30 and is a form of gentle exercise that combines deep breathing & relaxation techniques with slow, graceful movements.These sessions are suitable for beginners, just wear comfortable clothes & shoes. If you want to know more about Tai Chi click here to read Bridget’s Blog.

Meet at the basketball court. And if it’s too cold or wet for you click here for a video of a session you can join in with

Pre-Schoolers Forest School - Tuesdays

IMAG0056 Ranger Dean from Birmingham City Council is running a weekly Forest School session for pre-school age children and their carers. Bugs, mud, leaves, trees and plants – come suitably dressed! It’s FREE Meet at the Forest School – behind the Millennium Wood.

11.30am on Tuesdays in term time.

Free Tennis Coaching on Sundays

Starts on Sunday 5th November from 11am

Free coaching and all equipment supplied.

So why not give it a go?

Go to to book in advance


A building for coffee and toilets...would that make Cotteridge Park a more welcoming place?

A Community Building for Cotteridge Park

The plans to bring back a community building to Cotteridge Park were considered by Birmingham City Council’s Planning Committee and Planning permission was granted in April 2018.

All the information submitted to the Planning Committee are available at this link

Click here for more information about this project