In 2018 and 2019 a wonderful bunch of volunteers invested time and energy to sort through the boxes and boxes of the Friends of Cotteridge Park Archive.

They interviewed  friends and neighbours about the history of the park and learnt new techniques to map, tell and share history online. We have also shared what we learnt with other friends groups throughout Birmingham.  All of this was done with support from the www.heritagefund.org.uk. 

What can you see…

Google Map  

snapshot of the cotteridge park map

We’ve created a map of the park, with layers of history, these include the famous Cotteridge Park Rocks, Trees in the park and stories told by people living by the park.  here.


We have a wonderful timeline (which starts 400,000 years ago and includes the Wath Banker) full of pictures and videos and stories which you can view here.


There are loads of videos on our YouTube channel which you can view here.