After many years of planning and fundraising Cotteridge Park now has its new community building – The Shed.  More people are going to be able to benefit from the opportunities offered in the park with toilets and somewhere to sit down and have a coffee?

The Shed is staffed by volunteers and all money raised from sales goes back to the park to improve facilities and pay for activities.

If you want to join The Shed volunteers click on this link to find out more

A Building for the Community in Cotteridge Park

The Friends of Cotteridge Park have been working towards replacing the Sons of Rest building and toilet block, demolished in the late 1990’s, with a small community hub.

Construction started at the end of 2019 and despite a pandemic it opened in August 2020

For lots of information about the history of buildings in Cotteridge Park click on this link?

Designs and Plans

Working with architects, Axis Design, volunteers and park users have produced a design and plans for the building.





Project Consultation

It’s never easy to make a change to a space that is so important to so many people.  The aim of the project is to replace a lost resource with something new that meets the needs of the current park users.

The Sons of Rest provided club facilities for Industrial Veterans and was built in the 1930s.  The old toilet block would not now meet the requirements of a modern community.

To ensure that any new building meets the needs of as many people in the community as possible an online survey was launched in Autumn of 2017.  The survery received 534 responses with 80% of those responding giving a B30 postcode.  85% of those surveyed thought that the community building was a good idea.

Consultation Meeting