Minutes of meetings and other fascinating stuff

The Friends of Cotteridge Park is community group and a registered charity.  All the work of the group is done by volunteers. Anyone, with an interest in the park, is welcome to join the group and come to meetings.

If you can’t get to meetings, or they aren’t your “thing”, you can keep in touch through this website, via facebook or twitter or join the email list.

If you want to know what happened in meetings here are the minutes of Annual General Meetings.

Meeting Dates - 2016 & 2017

Meeting venue is the Cadbury Club and all meetings start at 7.30pm – unless otherwise specified

5th October 2016       General Planning meeting
9 November 2016       First  CoCoMAD  2017  Planning Meeting
11 January 2017           CoCoMAD Planning Meeting
8 February 2017        General Planning meeting
22 March 2017          CoCoMAD    Planning Meeting


Report of the Annual General Meeting and Annual Accounts 2015
Report of the Annual General Meeting and Accounts 2014
Report of the Annual General Meeting & Accounts 2013
Report of Annual General Meeting & Accounts 2012
FoCP Annual Report and Accounts August-December 2012 AGM final